3 New Year’s resolutions to improve your construction business

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New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for trendy diets and exercise goals, two of the most common promises made as the calendar turns to January. Setting your sights on fresh beginnings and commitments to using or improving business practices can put your construction firm on the right track for a successful 2019.

Embrace technology

Every year seems to arrive with a dizzying array of innovative technology for both personal and business purposes. While the use of drones on the jobsite are becoming increasingly common, more construction firms are turning to aerial mapping (accomplished with drones) as well as analytics to reduce costs, improve safety and make the most efficient use of human and material resources.

Speaking of safety, technology can play a key role in keeping your crews safe on the job. No longer limited to hard hats and gloves, wearable safety technology can monitor and report biometrics and potentially dangerous conditions. Learn more about wearable tech as well as transparency and privacy issues associated with this type of gear on our blog, Construction goes high tech.

Get lean

This might sound like a typical weight-loss New Year’s resolution; however, it’s not what you think. Lean operations that eliminate process steps or unnecessarily high-powered equipment can lower operating expenses. Komatsu equipment owners may contact their distributor to work with Komatsu’s Business Solutions Group, which offers bottom-line tactics to maximize production and efficiency. The group studies customers’ existing operations, considers alternatives and provides recommendations. Best of all, the service is complimentary.

While fuel prices are constantly fluctuating, it’s always smart to consider tactics to trim fuel-related expenses. From operating at lower engine speeds to reducing inefficient movement on the jobsite can add up to significant savings. To learn more, see our recent blog, Lower equipment operating costs: Simple ideas for reducing fuel-related expenses.

New Years "Goals, Plan Action" Planner

Expand your marketing

The new year is also a great time to consider innovative marketing approaches to reach a wider group of potential customers. Does your company have a presence on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook?

Ryan Holmes, President of Hootsuite (a social media management system), predicts that businesses will begin focusing more on social media “stories” in 2019 rather than relying on words and photos. “This means rethinking social updates as less of a static block of text and more of an intimate, often raw, multimedia glimpse behind the scenes,” Holmes wrote in an article published on FastCompany.com.

Check out our blog on social media for an additional perspective on using these platforms as part of your integrated communications toolkit.

Other marketing tactics such as trade shows and testimonials have been around for quite some time and for good reason – they are effective. The personal, one-on-one conversations that take place during trade shows can go a long way in developing and strengthening customer relationships.

When it comes to spreading the word about your services, who better to tout your quality than satisfied customers? An honest, well-crafted testimonial serves as a powerful sales tool. Take a look at our blog for some suggestions about using customer testimonials.

Whether your resolutions for 2019 are personal, business-related or a mixture of both, we wish you good luck. We hope that your new year is happy, healthy and prosperous!

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