Construction Publications
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Construction Publications was founded in 1948 by Charles E. Parks Sr., and remains a family-owned business. Today, the third generation has assumed management of the company.
Construction Publications

Clark K. Parks

Construction Publications

Charles E. Parks Sr.


There is no substitute for hardworking people who share in your goals. At CPI, we take pride in recruiting highly qualified, experienced individuals who work well together ... and have a good time. You'll see a diversity in personalities, with varied talents and abilities. Meet the group that contributes to the success of Construction Publications:

Rachel Caffery: Production Assistant
Mary Jo Hamrick: Office Manager/Advertising Coordinator
Greg Heckart: Editor
Janet Jacobsen: Copy Editor/Proofreader
Tina Lampe: Production Manager
Amy Parks: Multimedia Specialist
Charles Parks IV: Writer/Photographer
Josh Sandin: Writer/Photographer
Sherie Thompson: Art Director

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