Creating Contractor Sites, Landing Pages & Funnels Services Create Retargeting Opportunities

Creating contractor sites, landing pages & funnels is one of the most effective ways to improve your businesses advertising and marketing approach. Using our professional landing page design services, you can optimize the impact of your online marketing efforts to funnel customers towards specific products and services. Increase your sales, improve your lead quality, and drive your profits upward today by customizing your landing pages with CPI Digital.

Improve Your Sales Today With Contractor Sites, Landing Page & Funnel Services

At CPI, our contractor sites and landing page services deliver:

  • Professionally designed contractor sites and landing pages to fit your brand
  • Direct, clear and concise contractor sites and landing pages with copy that funnels visitors to specific products and services
  • Contractor sites and landing pages curated for your target audience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations

Check out our pricing table below to explore our tiered plans and choose which custom contractor sites and landing pages option will drive the results you're looking for in your next email marketing campaign

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Construction Landing Page Funnel examples



Fully Responsive Design

Landing page programming/build

Conversion tracking pixel code setup

Custom conversion strategy



Fully Responsive Design

Up to 3 landing page design changes

Conversion tracking pixel code setup

Custom conversion strategy​

Performance test and conversion reporting



Fully Responsive Design

Up to 5 landing page design changes​

Conversion tracking pixel code setup

Custom conversion strategy​​

Performance test and conversion reporting

Discover the perks of choosing Construction Publications as your contractor sites, landing pages & funnels service provider

Parter with Construction Publications to gain a competitive edge in the online marketing industry. Our contractor sites, landing pages & funnels services offer turn-key solutions to create, launch and improve your business’s landing pages by funneling customers directly to your desired products and services. Grow your leads, improve your sales and drive your revenue today using Construction Publications’ services.


Templates? We’ve never heard of them. We offer custom landing page designs tailored specifically for your industry, business, and audience. We take our time to get it right, the first time. Our customization results in more leads, sales and revenue for you.


Driving leads, sales, and revenue for your business starts with an in-depth market analysis on our end. We learn about your ideal buyer, your market, and your products and services. We’ll use that info to design an attractive, intuitive, and fast landing page for you.


Have you heard of remarking? This is one of our favorite tools that contacts customers interested in your products and services multiple times. People who see retargeted ads are 70 percent more likely to buy your product or contact your business – imagine all the customers you’d be losing without it.

Reap the benefits from our professional contractor sites, landing pages & funnels services

Our professional landing page design services offer many benefits for your business:

  • Expose customers to customized strategy and design for each landing page 
  • Work directly with account managers dedicated to your business
  • Launch responsive landing pages for mobile, desktop, and tablet users
  • Utilize conversion tracking codes on all of your landing pages
  • Integrate your leads, forms, and databases
  • And more

Construction Publications offers your business a complete landing page solution.

We guarantee you’ll love our customer-first approach to designing, launching, and improving your custom landing pages and funnel services. Our sleek, on-brand landing pages offer original copy and a user-friendly experience that results in high levels of conversion. And, have all of your questions answered with one of our dedicated account managers.

Contractor Sites, Landing Pages & Funnels

Pricing listed below for our landing page & funnel design services. You can also contact us online to get a custom quote.



Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
Conversion tracking code setup
Dedicated account representative
Market research
Conversion strategy
Development of unique selling position
Landing page design1 Iterations3 Iterations
Landing page programming/build1 Iteration3 Iterations
Copywriting1 Iteration3 Iterations
User testing
Setup of auto responders
Confirmation/Thank you page
Lead forms integrated into email provider (ex. ActiveCampaign)
Performance test reporting
Video creation & implementationBy QuoteBy QuoteBy Quote
Time frame1-2 weeks1-3 weeks1-4 weeks
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Why are landing pages important for my businesses email marketing campaigns?

Introducing a search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising and marketing plan to increase website traffic is one thing. Converting that traffic into tangible revenue is another. By adding a landing page & funnel plan to your email marketing campaign, you can take your business to the next level.

Landing pages work by directing your visitors towards a specific action, such as purchasing a product or contacting your business for additional information. Instead of directing traffic to your homepage where there are lots of options, you can send visitors to a targeted landing page designed to move them along your sales funnel.

Increase your website traffic, reduce the bounce rate and gain many other benefits with CPI Digital’s custom landing page design services.

How landing pages guide your audience

To explain a little more, let’s say you’re a local electrician, and are currently sending emails or online ads to promote a special your business is running.

Without a landing page, potential customers who read your email or clicked on your ad looking for more information about your current special would end up on your homepage. 

Because your homepage offers services and products for a wide range of different needs, the customer then has to figure out how to navigate to the section of your website related to the special you sent them an email about.

Most people want to reach information within one click, so directing visitors to your home page will likely result in very low conversion rates.

With a custom landing page design, you could set up a page that’s dedicated to your current special. When a potential customer clicks on your ad or email, they are directed to the page and have very few options to do anything but follow the steps in front of them – the funnel. They’re directly met with information, pricing, and other facts related to your special, making them much more likely to continue with the purchase.

People prefer simplicity, and landing pages are great at offering simple and easily-digestible information. Essentially, you’re putting blinders on your visitors to remove distractions and streamline them through your sales funnel.

How landing pages help you provide a better experience

Organization and accessibility are two other key features of landing pages. By sending all your traffic to your homepage, you’re removing the opportunity to optimize based on user metrics.

Making just one change to your homepage affects everyone who lands on it, which means that changing one aspect to improve the conversion for a specific demographic may adversely affect the conversion rate of other demographics. 

Contractor sites, landing pages & funnels design: 5 Key Elements

Landing pages come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms. If you want your landing page to have the best results, here are our 5 key elements we’ve identified that will have the largest impact on your landing pages success.

1. Identify one specific product or service

The purpose of a landing page is to send your audience to a page with very few options for them to do anything except jump into your sales funnel. Your goal is to convert them from an interested customer into somebody that purchases your products and services. When you advertise too many choices on your landing page, your success rate declines dramatically.

When designing your landing page, identify one specific product or service you want to promote. This should be the only thing you mention on your landing page.

Let’s say you are and electrician advertising total home rewiring before the holiday season. Someone that’s curious about upgrading their home to handle additional decorative lighting sees your ad and clicks on it. If you send them to your home page and the first thing they see is information about installing attic fans, they’ll get distracted or confused and leave your website – increasing the bounce rate.

Landing pages allow you to focus on one product, in this case total home rewiring. This will limit distractions and increase conversion rates from your advertising efforts.

2. Engage customers with Attention-grabbing headlines

When and potential lead clicks on your Pay Per Click (PPC) or social media ad, what’s the first thing the will read? The headline of the landing page. To have an immediately positive impact, your headline should grab their attention.

Generic, nondescript and vague headlines leave your audience uncultivated and likely to leave your page. You’re already losing and you’ve barely begun.

Let’s go back to the electrician that’s making a landing page for total home rewiring before the holidays. Using the headline “Home rewiring,” would leave the audience bored and unengaged.

On the other hand, a title like “Light up the whole neighborhood this holiday season with our Total Home Rewiring package” is infinitely more appealing. IF somebody wants to go big this holiday season, this idea will catch their eye.

Specific, attention-grabbing headlines work by helping the customer to envision a story. They’re much more likely to stay on your landing page and start the process into your funnel.

3. Add a photo, video or visual

Visuals are vital to your landing pages success. They play an important role of breaking up blocks of text and increase engagement. Visuals are also a great way to direct attention towards a specific portion of your landing page.

So, what types of visuals should you include?

We recommend sticking to one photo or video. When you add too many visuals your page becomes cluttered, distracting and overwhelming. You want to keep your audience focused on the goal of your landing page – introducing them to the sales funnel.

An interesting photo is a simple and effective addition to any landing page. IF you’re selling a product or service, a photo will help;p bring that concept to life. It’s a great way to show what you’re offering in action.

Although it can be slightly more time consuming, adding a video is an even better option. Statistically, videos have been shown to increase landing page conversions by 86 percent.

Videos are extremely effective at engaging your landing page’s audience. A video is a quick way to offer more information about your product or service in an easily-digestible format. It’s also a great way to showcase your brand.

A visual element is essential when creating an effective landing page. It engages your audience and makes the page visually appealing. By increasing the amount of time a visitor stays on your landing page, you’re increasing the likelihood they will purchase your featured product or service.

4. Direct customers with a clear call to action (CTA)

Do your landing pages feature a call to action (CTA)? Your CTA is one of the most important elements of your page and is often the difference between a potential customer continuing into your sales funnel or returning to the search results. To keep people moving through your sales funnel, an impactful CTA is essential.

Your CTA should clearly explain to your landing page visitors how to proceed down your sales funnel. Once they’re on your page, customers need direction on how to proceed. Without a call to action, your customers wouldn’t know how or where to take the next step.

CTAs are an important step in taking your leads from landing page visitors to conversions.

So, how do you make an impactful CTA?

Most importantly, your CTA must be clear. Generic and nondescript CTAs are ineffective. It’s important to explain to your audience what will happen when they click your CTA button.

Generic CTA’s include phrases like “Download Now” and “Click Here.” These offer no real information. Instead, use short phrases like “Download your 5 free tips now!” or “See how much you can save today!”

These CTAs offer clear information about what the visitor will receive when they click the button.

Effective CTAs will directly increase the number of conversions for your business.

5. Shorten your forms

Lots of companies like to include information capturing forms on their landing pages for visitors to fill out. This is a smart tactic, but make sure to keep the form short and simple.

Remember, people are easily distracted and don’t want to use their valuable time filling out lengthy forms. You risk losing leads and potential customers if your forms are too long. Start by asking for just a few basic pieces of information – such as name and email.

You can always follow up later to get more information.

When you keep your forms short, you’ll increase the number of people willing to provide you their information and add valuable leads for your business.

Leave a lasting impression with custom contractor sites, landing pages & funnels services

As it goes in the digital world, your landing page has only split seconds to make a positive impression on potential customers. Each custom landing page has to quickly convey information about who your company is, it’s reputation and quality of content, and how visitors can access the offer or information that brought them to the page. An effective landing page will help you close deals from your online ads and can act as a catalyst for your businesses online reputation.

Ineffective landing page designs will leave customers distracted and abandoning your pages. Most people won’t take the time to research how trustworthy your company is. Instead, they’ll instantly decide whether or not your reputable based on the design of your landing page.

visitors also value their time and won’t hunt around your website to find a page that interests them. Your landing pages should complement your online ad information, otherwise visitors will quickly leave the page.

Strong, clear and concise landing page designs encourage visitors to continue through your sales funnel. Your landing pages should look professional, brand-oriented, and be directly related to the offer or search that brought your visitors there. At CPI Digital, we offer all of these design elements and many more to provide the best landing pages for your success.

To learn more, you can request a free quote online, or call us today at 319-366-1597 to speak with a specialist about our services.

We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to improve your business with our custom landing pages and funnel services!

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