4 Ways Drone Marketing Brings Unique Opportunities

4 Ways Drone Marketing and Action Cameras Bring Unique Opportunities

4 Ways Drone Marketing and Action Cameras Bring Unique Opportunities

Looking to give your next marketing campaign a little more punch? Adding a vibrant photo or stunning video may do the trick. These images can be captured with conventional cameras by scouting a site to set up a shot with extreme angles or interesting lighting, but finding that perfect location takes time and capital. Another way to achieve eye-catching visuals is by adding a drone or an action camera, such as a GoPro, to your arsenal.

Sweeping landscape shots, underwater scenes and unique perspectives once reserved for big-budget productions are becoming more accessible to anyone with a vision, thanks to affordable equipment. Companies like DJI, a drone manufacturer; and GoPro, makers of compact and durable cameras and mounts, have made it possible for the average person to own quality production equipment. People are taking advantage of this technology with amazing results, and following suit could be the decision that makes your next campaign a success. Here are some reasons why adding aerial and high-quality action shots can help elevate your marketing strategy.

4 Ways Drone Marketing and Action Cameras Bring Unique Opportunities

Drone Marketing Advantages

Interesting angles – Shooting with even the most advanced hand-held cameras still curbs the angles that are available because you are limited to ground level. Popular action cameras are small enough to easily fit on the dash of a car to show the driver’s expressions. A drone can go above a location to deliver a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening below it. These two angles can help capture a new perspective that you couldn’t achieve from traditional photography.

Steady shots – Ever tried to follow your subject while shooting video? If you are using a handheld camera, chances are that your shot has a few bumps in it. Even with a “steady shot” function, walking with a camera inevitably leads to bumpy footage and trying to zoom with your finger as you follow the subject is nearly impossible.

Drones can solve both problems. In addition to providing access to new and interesting perspectives, most drones come equipped with quality gimbles to create ultra-steady shots. And, since they fly, drones naturally move in a smoother motion without the bumps caused by walking. Additionally, most drones provide a function that allows you to select an object on the screen for the camera to automatically follow.

A GoPro-style camera can also help create steadier shots. With an array of mounts and attachments, these rugged cameras can be placed on just about anything, from motorcycle helmets, golf clubs, car hoods to the bottom of a surfboard. While the images in the distance may be bumpy, those in the foreground will remain fixed, providing a “first-hand experience” for the viewer.

4 Ways Drone Marketing and Action Cameras Bring Unique Opportunities

Using a Drone

User-friendly – Drones? GoPros? Mounts? FLYING? Yes, it sounds a little confusing and intimidating, but fear not! Both drones and action camera are extremely user-friendly and can capture useful shots right out of the box. As with any new equipment, the more experience a user has with it, the better the footage becomes. However, while perfecting your skills, you are also banking some interesting footage.

Professionals everywhere – Those darn millennials, they seem to be able to adapt to any technology, don’t they? Well, if you don’t want to invest the time or money in drones or other camera equipment, you’re in luck. Seemingly as fast as the technology entered the market, so too has an industry of people offering their expertise. With so many capable individuals with the  necessary skills to deliver interesting content, you have a plethora of options.