Employee Retention Strategies for Surviving the Great Resignation

Employee Retention Strategies for During the Great Resignation

3 Employee Retention Strategies for Surviving the Great Resignation

A record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November, showing that the Great Resignation is not slowing down. Everything is up in the air—from matters at work to those in our personal lives. To put it simply, it’s overwhelming.

So, as a leader, what can you do? What is the outcome you want to achieve? Right now, you may be looking beyond retention to how to proactively help your employees. That can start by bringing more humanity to work. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Be Curious

Your people are stressed in a way they’ve probably never been before. What do they need to “feel safe”?  Open the door to these conversations with genuine curiosity. Ask what do they need right now, and be open to all feedback. What can you do to make their lives less stressful—more time off, extended timelines on projects? From there, don’t forget to also genuinely listen.

Understand That Relationships Are Two-way Streets

Most healthy relationships are a two-way street. Have you followed through on what you said you would, or no? In a survey, two-thirds of employees say they are planning to leave because their employers have not followed through on the promise to help them deal with their mental health.
Employee Retention Strategies for Surviving the Great Resignation

Think Outside the Box

With the ping-pong conversation of remote work to back-to-the-office to remote work happening constantly, keeping your flexibility muscle strong is essential right now. This is not the time to announce rigid policies, either way.

People are leaving. Things are stressful. Uncertainty is all around us. So, focus on what is within your control and what you can do to develop a rich relationship with your people. 

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