How to use a Digital Toolkit

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Much like a media kit, the digital toolkit contains several items to help you get more from your marketing investment with Construction Publications; it’s like a Swiss Army knife for your marketing strategy. We encourage you to repurpose the stories, photos and videos in as many ways as possible.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Website Content

Create a dedicated place on your website for articles, such as a blog, case study/customer success story page or news page. Add links within the articles that lead to other places on the web, where appropriate, including to your digital magazine.

Trade Publications

Submit your stories to trade publications that accept articles, such as Construction Equipment Guide or your regional Associated Construction Publications (ACP). Think of the outlets where you place display advertisements; they may be interested in publishing your editorial material.

Social Media

The toolkit contains pre-written posts and appropriately sized photos that you can copy and paste into any platform(s) where you are active. We’ve included a few hashtag suggestions, but feel free to add to the list and include any special branding hashtags for your company (check out to search for trending categories and topics related to your post). Best practices would also be to add a link to wherever the content may be stored on your website so you can increase traffic there, as well as to tag (aka, @-mention) customers, sales reps and businesses where appropriate. (NOTE: if you cross-post on multiple platforms, be sure to check your tags. Some companies and people may have different names on varying channels.)


If you have a YouTube channel, upload your videos to a customer playlist. If you don’t already have one, learn how to create your own YouTube channel – it’s easy and free!


Distribute your content via email. The code in your digital toolkit can be copied and pasted into whatever email system you may use. This is a great way to pre-announce your magazine, and it gives people an easy way to get to your content online.


The text and photos from your toolkit can be pulled into PowerPoint, as can video. Use the content to enhance your next sales presentation. If you store your videos on a company YouTube page, your sales reps can reference it during discussions and meetings with potential customers.

Internal Communication

One way to further your content is to encourage everyone in your organization to share it. Include stories, video and photos in employee newsletters and ask everyone to spread the news, both in conversation and through social media shares on their personal accounts.

Derivative Works

Once you start building a collection of content, you can combine it to create additional content. Use testimonial quotes on your website, frame the photos, create ads, produce a corporate video for your lobby, use the audio from your videos in podcasts – pretty much anything goes.

Please contact CPI if you have any questions about how to use your digital content, or if you need help implementing any of these ideas.

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