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Our Services

We specialize in marketing to the construction industry. We understand our customers’ unique challenges, strengths and needs, as well as their product lines and marketplace characteristics. We know that powerful communication is essential to our customers’ success, so we’ve developed several effective tools to make that happen:

Our forte is custom magazines – both print and electronic – that include testimonial articles. We work with you to determine the content, then handle all the details – interviews; writing & photography; layout & design; ad placement and printing & mailing - including mail list maintenance!

Construction Publications

Let us help you communicate with your customers! Whether we attend your events or conduct in-person or phone interviews, we can draft articles, press releases and ad copy for all your promotional needs. Check out some of our most recent testimonial articles and other samples of our creative writing, within our Ads, Brochures and Mailers tab above. Contact us today to learn more!

From equipment in action to employee recruitment, we can help you produce a video that’s sure to capture the attention of your desired audience – and likely for a fraction of the price than you’d find at a larger production company!

We offer clean, streamlined designs for brochures, mailers, ads – you name it!

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Construction Publications

Let us help you develop an email campaign to connect with your customers electronically and keep your name in front of them on a regular basis. We can even manage your list and break it down into market segments to help you target specific audiences.

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