Tips From 4 of the Most Successful Specialty Contractors

Tips From 4 of the Most Successful Specialty Contractors

Tips From 4 of the Most Successful Specialty Contractors

Specialty contractors play a vital role in the construction industry, bringing in $750 billion in estimated annual revenues across 450,000 employers in the United States alone. The demand for specialty contractors continues to grow. Here are some of the biggest tips and tricks for making it happen from leading companies. One thing remains the same across each company: an innovative mindset and willingness to embrace change as well as new technologies.

Rosendin: Early Adopters of Change and Innovation

It’s hard to talk about electrical contractors and not mention Rosendin Electric. The San Jose-headquartered and employee-owned company is the nation’s largest private electrical contractor. What’s remained constant is a focus on using the latest technology. Key adoptions include Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in 2008 and mobile construction apps to support their remote workforce.

Tips From 4 of the Most Successful Specialty Contractors

Efficiency and Technology

Comfort Systems: Prefabrication Focus Leads to Efficiency and High Quality

Public company Comfort Systems provides commercial HVAC, mechanical, and electrical contracting services to businesses of all sizes across the United States. Comfort Systems has approximately 12,000 employees and revenues over $2 billion. The company’s construction and manufacturing teams work together and rely on prefabrication “to deliver the best quality and most efficient HVAC system possible, including spool fabrication and custom pipe fittings.” Prefabrication allows Comfort Systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and offer affordable price points to customers.

ACCO Engineered Systems: Full Tech Stack Drives Success

ACCO Engineered Systems, an employee-owned company based in Pasadena, California, is a leading environmental firm. ACCO was founded in 1934 as an HVAC company. Over the last 86 years, the specialty contractor has expanded to include plumbing, process piping, sheet metal, skid manufacturing, industrial piping, building automation controls, and mechanical services. ACCO utilizes BIM to bridge the gap between engineering and construction. The technology allows ACCO to cross-collaborate across departments, improve workflows, and eliminate costly rework. BIM is central to operations at ACCO and its data management.

Tips From 4 of the Most Successful Specialty Contractors

Creating Future Leaders

Cupertino Electric: Building Leaders through Training and Tech

Cupertino Electric, Inc. is a private electrical engineering and construction company headquartered in San Jose, California. Founded in 1954 in its namesake city of Cupertino, the company has grown to employ over 3,800 workers. Known for their commitment to workforce development, Cupertino Electric focuses on “delivering technically-complex projects fast without compromising quality or safety.” They achieve this goal in part by developing leads through their Foreman Development program. Cupertino Electric’s CEO was quoted in ENR as saying that the program “builds leadership skills from within company ranks” and ensures “an available bench of talent.”

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