Trade Show Marketing | Direct Access to Your Target Audience

Trade Show Marketing | Direct Access to Your Target Audience

Trade Show Marketing | Direct Access to Your Target Audience

Social media and the Internet have changed the marketing landscape throughout the last few years. Many companies are relying more on these avenues to get their brand’s message in front of customers. They can be effective, but how sure are you that your target audience is seeing what you want them to?

Traditional forms of marketing, such as industry trade shows, are an excellent way to “see the right people.” Individuals attending these events are specifically looking and in the market for the products presented to them. They didn’t just stumble across your website or Facebook page.

Shows allow attendees to climb in the cab of the machine, see and feel the steel plating and get a true perspective of a product’s size. Prospective buyers can see products up close and personal – something that no website or social media post can offer.

Trade Show Benefits

Speaking of personal, an exposition provides an opportunity to shake hands with and talk directly to potential buyers. Questions can be asked, answers given and information exchanged immediately. Relationships are established. If a current customer stops by, it’s a chance to strengthen your connection.

The equipment industry hosts numerous events. Some take place annually while others are scheduled every two or three years such as CONEXPO-CON/AGG, which was held in 2017 and is slated again in 2020. It’s a massive display of machinery and the latest technological advances that go with it. People from all over the world attend – more than 130,000 in 2017 – to shop and compare machinery. Participating companies with well-planned booths see high traffic counts and gain solid sales leads from potential customers who are in the market to buy.

Trade Show Marketing | Direct Access to Your Target Audience

Specialty Marketing

Other trade shows bring in an even more targeted audience and can be highly effective, too. For example, the National Demolition Association’s annual trade show is specifically for those individuals and companies in the demolition industry. Additional events include World of Concrete, Waste Expo and World of Asphalt/AGG1. Exhibitions in smaller venues allow manufacturers to highlight specialty equipment and its specific benefits.

New marketing tactics are valuable and should be a part of your overall plans. But, you shouldn’t forgo proven and effective ways to interact with current and prospective clients.

And, on a side note – trade shows are an excellent way to see what your competition is up to.