What’s the big b****ing deal?

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, we started a blog. Big deal, right? Well, we hope so, because Construction Publications, Inc. (CPI) has a vault of interesting and informative content.

If you search for “why blog?” on the Internet, a long list of sites will pop up that offer a myriad of reasons. We’ll tell you up front why we have a blog. CPI wants to help you build better relationships with your customers and make your marketing more effective.

For us, blogging is a way to offer you content that provides insights on marketing for construction equipment distributors and companies in the field that are building the nation’s roads, bridges, houses, commercial sites and more. We want readers to access our content for information on rules and regulations that affect them, industry topics and trends, insights and marketing best practices, among others.

Here is a small sampling of reasons why you should consider a blog for your company, in no particular order of importance.

Tell your story: Ours goes back 70-plus years. You can learn more about us here. It lets customers, and potential customers, know you better.

Meet new people: Those potential customers? They are out there. Blogs can create connections to them.

Help others: That’s our mission. Is it yours? CPI can assist you in achieving it. See what we have to offer here.

There are numerous other benefits that come from blogging. You get the idea, but if you want more reasons why, here are some additional sites to check out:

19 reasons why your business should be writing a blog

Top reasons you should start a business blog

The benefits of business blogging

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