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Relax it’s all good! We probably caught it on video, too! Testimonials are one of the best tools you can use to sell your products and services. See how the articles we write and videos we capture are helping companies like yours keep their names at the forefront of their marketplaces. Contact us today, so we can start telling your story!

Featured Testimonials

At just 22 years old, Mike Stock opened Dirt Dynamics, LLC with a backhoe and a lot of ambition. The one thing he needed was experience. His first job set the tone for his new venture, although not for its overwhelming success... Read More
Nearly seven years ago, Arthur Lowery entertained the possibility of a new career path. At the same time, he also felt the pull to start his own business. “I thought the timing was perfect to take a shot,” said Lowery... Read More
Art Guttersen saw an opportunity to provide additional resources to the oil and gas companies working the 32,000 acres that comprise Guttersen Ranch near Greeley and Keenesburg... Read More
When times are slow and work is hard to come by, some companies seek additional sources of revenue. Such was the case with Power Grade Inc....Read More
Country music singer Luke Bryan and entrepreneur Jason Wiggins have been good friends since they were four years old. When Bryan's music career took off, he remained closed to Wiggins, who found success in real estate in their hometown of Leesburg, GA...Read More
Like many successful businesses, Smith-Rowe began as two guys with an idea, some determination and a little desparation...Read More
A large percentage of signs that are posted on telephone poles likely go unnoticed. That's why when Dan Bowen nailed a few up around the Meeker, Okla. area to advertise his new business, he was surprised at the response...Read More
Komatsu Equipment Company (KEC) customers had an opportunity to test drive Komatsu and BOMAG products during its recent Demo Days... Read More
What do dentistry and excavatring have in common? Nothing, and that's precisely how Emerald Excavating got its start...Read More
Growning up on a farm, John Schmidt spent his days on machines completing various projects and honing his skills as an operator...Read More
Drilling and blasting in Central Appalachia is a challenging venture. In order to do it safely, successfully and efficiently, customers turn to Virginia Explosives & Drilling Company (VEDCO)...Read More
The four types of coal used in energy production are classified by the amount of carbon they contain as well as how much heat energy they can produce. Lignite is the lowest-ranked; however, Texas has an abundance across a large area in the state...Read More
When Bud York graduated in 1978 he had a plan. He married his high school sweetheart and the two started a foundation business. It's a plan that has evolved through four decades, but it has worked...Read More
Since the 1970s, the Scheffler family has delivered for its customers in southwestern Minnesota. It all began when Herb Scheffler and his friend, Jim Lang, bought a gravel quarry in Sanborn, MN., and opened L&S Construction...Read More

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