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Featured Testimonials

The Marquis family got their start in farming by renting land. After 30 years of building agriculture businesses, one of its Illinois plants has become the epicenter of the ethanol boom... Read More
Progressive Construction Co. seems a rather apt name for a company that’s grown continuously in services and size throughout the past two-and-a-half decades... Read More
Adrian Absmeier grew up running machinery. His father, who passed away when Adrian was in high school, was a farmer and moved dirt as a side job... Read More
Reaching milestones such as Modern Machinery’s 75th anniversary requires more than simply sheer luck. It takes strategic planning and acquisitions, alignment with manufacturers...Read More
Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018, with devastating Category 5 winds, leaving behind a path of destruction and a long road to recovery...Read More
IIn 1969, Frank Horne began excavating ditches and canals for farmers south of Raleigh, N.C., near the South Carolina border using only a jerry-rigged dragline...Read More
If the roadway is located within Montague County, it’s likely maintained by county employees, who handle everything from grading to ditch cleaning for the nearly 220 miles of pavement and gravel that include about 25 farm-to-market roads and other byways...Read More
The story of a multi-generation family business is rarely one with a linear path from plucky start-up to minted success; the Whaley family can attest to that... Read More
Humberto Sr. started his career as a construction laborer and worked his way up to lowboy driver, then equipment operator...Read More
The Bougalis family got its start in the construction industry in 1954 when George Bougalis purchased a dump truck and delivered his first load of material – to the wrong address...Read More

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