New Director of Digital Solutions Adrien Clapp emphasizes that all Komatsu customers can find value in solutions such as My Komatsu

Director of Digital Solutions Adrien Clapp's article on Komtrax telematics is highlighted with this image of a Komatsu truck and a Komatsu PC490LCi excavator moving dirt

Komatsu and You

New Director of Digital Solutions Adrien Clapp emphasizes that all Komatsu customers can find value in solutions such as My Komatsu

Adrien Clapp recently moved into the role of director of digital solutions from her previous position in marketing communications, where she led the integrated marketing communications team responsible for digital marketing, promotions, trade shows, events, customer experience centers, and merchandising. She has been with the company for 11 years.

“I got into the digital marketing aspect during my time with Komatsu, and I became really interested in how we can support customers in their self-serve research phase of equipment purchases,” said Clapp. “We want to make it easy for our users to get the information they need, when they need it. We are further expanding that digital experience with applications such as My Komatsu.”

An image of Adrien Clapp, Director of Digital Solutions at Komatsu
Adrien Clapp, Director of Digital Solutions, Komatsu

Prior to Komatsu, Clapp worked in product management for a company focused on safety and facility identification. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marquette University and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In her current role, Clapp and her team work to help customers adopt and implement digital solutions designed to improve their efficiency and productivity.

“My background before Komatsu gave me a chance to really go through customer journey mapping,” she recalled. “I’m passionate about building customer experiences, and I’m really excited to bring my experience with Komatsu to this new role and help further evolve Komatsu’s digital solutions for our customers.”

Clapp and her husband have a 5-year-old child, and the family enjoys spending time together, especially doing outdoor activities such as riding bikes, hiking, and visiting the local playground.

QUESTION: What are digital solutions?

ANSWER: For Komatsu, digital solutions enable our customers to optimize their operations. Today’s world is connected, and our customers are seeking ways to utilize technology to gain insights and streamline their day-to-day activities, and we’re working to help them do that. At the core of our digital solutions is the My Komatsu application, our 24/7 digital hub. Customers can access information for their fleet, access parts books, see current field campaigns, view their telematics data, and access Smart Construction and Smart Quarry solutions.

In the past, Komatsu customers needed to access multiple applications to get that information. My Komatsu started as a way to combine access to telematics data and manuals. It grew to include a parts store, and we’re continuing to evolve to help customers manage their overall fleet. We’re now featuring information on user warranty coverage and field campaigns and providing access to our Smart Construction and Smart Quarry customer site solutions. With My Komatsu, all these activities have been combined into one convenient site. Customers can go to to get started.

a Komatsu truck and a Komatsu PC490LCi excavator move dirt
Remote Komtrax telematics data is available through My Komatsu, in addition to other fleet management tools such as parts ordering. With My Komatsu, customers also have access to machine manuals as well as Smart Construction and Smart Quarry solutions.

QUESTION: What are the advantages of My Komatsu?

ANSWER: Komatsu customers find value in My Komatsu for a number of reasons. The functions that customers leverage within the application may vary, based on their individual wants and goals. As our team talks to customers and distributors, it’s all about understanding those customer goals, and then matching them to the functions of My Komatsu that can help enable them to meet their goals.

One of the most used areas of My Komatsu is fleet telematics. We know customers often have more than just Komatsu machines. Last year, we added mixed fleet functionality, pulling in data from non-Komatsu machines, so that within My Komatsu, users can visualize telematics data for their complete fleet.

For example, a customer may be looking to lower their fuel consumption across their entire fleet of Komatsu and non-Komatsu machines. Using the MyFleet feature through My Komatsu lets them see their fuel usage, as well as other critical data such as idle time, which can significantly affect the amount of fuel being used. Having that information at their fingertips allows customers to proactively address an issue and create positive change. Another example is the convenience of ordering parts through My Komatsu. To find a part quickly and easily, we’re continuing to enhance the search process in many ways, by including rich parts’ data and pictures to help customers feel comfortable that they are purchasing the correct part. They can see the manuals for their machines, order right from the app, and have the items shipped directly to them or have them ready for pickup at their dealer — all from the convenience of their computer or smart device.

QUESTION: Does that mean there isn’t live support anymore?

ANSWER: No, we certainly offer support. Komatsu has a team of digital solutions experts dedicated to supporting both customers and distributors. We conduct voice-of-the-customer activities to identify needs and determine the types of features that could make day-to-day operations easier. That information helps drive the evolution of our digital solutions. For example, coming later this fall we’ll have a refreshed user interface within My Komatsu that is based on user feedback. We are dedicated to continually working to improve our customers’ experiences and help them increase productivity and efficiency, while helping lower overall owning and operating costs. Our digital solutions team also provides extensive dealer training focused on new features being released, so they can assist customers. We want to enable our users to get the information they need quickly and easily. This self-serve information is not only for our customers; it’s also for our dealer personnel, so they have what they need to be effective. At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering a trusted experience for the customer and our distributors.   

A person holds a tablet showing the My komatsu homepage
Fleet management is easier and more convenient with digital solutions such as My Komatsu, according to Komatsu’s Director of Digital Solutions Adrien Clapp. “In the past, we had multiple applications that customers needed to access to get information,” said Clapp. “With My Komatsu, all those have been combined into one convenient site. Customers can go to to get started.”

QUESTION: Who are digital solutions tailored to?

ANSWER: Value can be realized no matter how large or small a Komatsu customer is — whether they have a machine or two, or a large fleet with multiple locations. It all comes back to what they want to accomplish, and with digital solutions such as My Komatsu, focusing on the areas that can help deliver value.