Komatsu Batteries Are Powerful and Durable

Komatsu Batteries Are Durable and Powerful

Komatsu Batteries Are Durable and Powerful

Komatsu offers a wide range of genuine batteries proven to perform and last in tough conditions

When you turn the key on a machine or a vehicle, you expect it to start. Several systems play a role in whether this does or does not happen, but one of the most important factors is the battery.

“It is essential to use one that’s proven to perform under all circumstances,” emphasized Dimitra Balafoutis, Komatsu Product Manager, Consumables. “We recommend using genuine Komatsu batteries in our machines because they are manufactured to stand up to challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures and high vibrations, which are common on our customers’ job sites. They were designed and built to ensure durability and reduce downtime.”

Komatsu Batteries Are Durable and Powerful
Dimitra Balafoutis, Komatsu Product Manager, Consumables

Balafoutis noted that Komatsu genuine batteries undergo more than 300 quality-control checks throughout the manufacturing process. With proper maintenance, they typically last three years or longer. Komatsu supports all batteries with its standard parts warranty, which is one or two years depending on part number. 

“A wide range of 6- and 12-volt sizes are available,” said Balafoutis. “Our distributors stock the most common ones, so they are easily available. If a less common type is needed, you can order it through your distributor or on the My Komatsu web application ( and have it shipped to the distributor or your location.”  

Komatsu Batteries Are Durable and Powerful
Komatsu genuine batteries power your Komatsu equipment. They can do the same for competitive machinery as well as your vehicles, including pickups, cars, boats, RVs, golf carts and more.
Komatsu Batteries Are Durable and Powerful

Power your vehicles too

With Komatsu’s all-makes program, customers can also order OEM batteries for their Komatsu equipment and its competitors through their local Komatsu branch, explained Balafoutis. This includes construction, agriculture, mining, forestry and forklift products.

“Those OEM options are available if customers want them; however, Komatsu genuine batteries work in most brands of machinery,” Balafoutis pointed out. “Distributors can assist customers in determining the right fit for their needs.”

She noted that Komatsu genuine batteries are ideal for cars, pickups or other vehicles.

“If you think they are great in your equipment, consider them for other uses,” said Balafoutis. “They power class 1 through class 8 on-highway trucks, boats, recreation vehicles, power sports products such as four-wheelers, golf carts and more. Your Komatsu distributor can be a one-stop shop for all of your battery needs. They will even install them if you like.”