Komatsu Care Plus III: Better determine operating costs

Komatsu Care Plus III: A Komatsu technician grabbing items out of his truck to assist in the maintenance of a Komatsu machine

Komatsu Care Plus III

Better determine your large equipment’s operating costs

Consumables such as pins, bushings, brakes, starters, alternators and serpentine belts can significantly affect your operating expenses, but it can be hard to factor them into your budget because replacement of these wear items depends largely on machine operation, according to Komatsu’s Felipe Cueva, manager, Genuine Care.

Komatsu Care Plus III: A technician works on a komatsu machine

With the new Komatsu Care Plus III program — in addition to periodic maintenance, scheduled services and total machine repair coverage — consumables are covered through the first life of the machine.* In most cases, that’s 20,000 hours.

Insider Tip: “Plus III is the most comprehensive Komatsu Care Plus program for total machine coverage, with the added benefit of cost-per-hour billing, so customers will have a much easier time determining their costs and budgets. They should check with their distributor for specific rates,” said Cueva.

Komatsu Care Plus III: A technician works on a komatsu machine

*Based on model. Exclusions apply. Please see your Komatsu dealer for full terms and conditions.