Komatsu D51EXi iMC Dozer Helps Contractor Boost Efficiency

Contractor Boosts Efficiency With Komatsu D51EXi iMC Dozer

Cody Weaver started moving dirt at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped. Throughout the years, the owner of CW Construction learned how to do it as efficiently and competitively as possible by maximizing production time. Recently, he upped the ante with the addition of a Komatsu D51EXi intelligent Machine Control dozer.

Weaver uses it to prep subgrade for roadways, level pads, cut and move massive amounts of dirt, as well as place sub-base materials, among other tasks. The dozer features factory-integrated machine control that requires no masts or cables like traditional aftermarket GPS grading systems.

Contractor Boosts Efficiency With Automatic Dozing

Contractor Boosts Efficiency with Komatsu D51EXi iMC Dozer
Cody Weaver, Owner, CW Construction

“I love that it provides automatic dozing from rough cut to finish grade, and that the system is integrated into the machine,” said Weaver. “The accuracy is impressive. It eliminates overcutting and the need to replace materials with expensive fill.”

Once engaged, Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control system automatically starts the cut and lowers to grade in a typical dozing pass. If the load increases to maximum capacity, the blade automatically raises to minimize track slip, ensuring productive dozing. This allows the dozer to achieve up to 8 percent greater efficiency in moving materials, based on start-to-finish grade testing against typical aftermarket machine-control systems.

Four Modes for Komatsu D51EXi iMC Dozer

Operators can select from four distinct operating modes (cut and cutting, spreading and simple grading) to optimize performance to the application. They can also tailor blade loads to material conditions by choosing from light, normal or heavy blade-load settings.

“It virtually eliminates the need for staking and grade checkers,” Weaver stated. “You can just plug in the plans, set the machine and it does the work, making even the newest operators look like they have been running a dozer for years. Our time, material and labor savings are remarkable.”