Komatsu D71-24 dozer delivers efficiency and energy savings

Komatsu D71-24 dozer: Komatsu D71-24 dozer

Komatsu D71-24 dozer

Doing more with less

Looking for high production, efficiency and energy savings? The D71-24 dozer delivers with features such as variable displacement for the charge pump and variable matching to reduce horsepower loss and fuel consumption, respectively.

Compared to the D65-18, the D71-24 has 9% more horsepower and better fuel efficiency.

Komatsu D71-24 dozer: A close up of the movement of the dozer as it moves dirt

It also has 13% more blade capacity, plus a 6% increase in cubic-yards-per-gallon production efficiency.

Insider Tip: “A hydraulically driven fan with electronic control also helps decrease fuel consumption,” said Rafal Bukowski, Komatsu product specialist.