Gage & Cade Construction LLC saves time and money, gets to grade faster with Komatsu IMC equipment

IMC equipment

Customer Success Story

Gage & Cade Construction LLC saves time and money, gets to grade faster with Komatsu IMC equipment

Kenny Warr, President

When Kenny Warr founded Gage & Cade Construction LLC six years ago, his intent was to keep it simple and focus on ranch work.

“One of our first contracts was to build a 3-acre pond on a ranch, and we ended up digging 25 acres worth of ponds and worked at that ranch for a year and a half,” recalled Warr. “Another job came up to build some solid waste landfills. That contract was like a steroid shot to the company.”

Those early projects put the company on a path to relatively fast growth and opened up additional possibilities for services.


“Start to finish, we take care of clearing, mass to fine grading, utility installation, subgrade prep for roadways, lime stabilization where necessary, and paving,” said Vice President Jason Reeves. “Our capabilities and skills allow us to provide turnkey packages.”

Substantial savings

Jason Reeves, Vice President
Gage & Cade Construction uses Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) equipment to dig, grade and place materials. “These machines increased our efficiency and speed,” stated Vice President Jason Reeves.

Gage & Cade Construction’s fleet includes several pieces of Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) equipment with integrated GPS such as D71PXi-24 and D61PXi-24 dozers as well as a PC360LCi-11 excavator. The company also runs a Komatsu GD655 motor grader equipped with an add-on GPS system.

“A D61i was our first IMC unit, and when I operated it and saw the savings from not having to wait on surveyors or stakes, or having to move material multiple times, I knew it was the way to go,” said Warr. “We load the models into the machines and get after it. The accuracy has always been excellent. We can run four or five GPS machines off of one rover, and everyone knows exactly where they are in relation to final grade.”

Reeves added, “These machines increased our efficiency and speed. We like to hit the ground running, and the IMC machines plus the grader give us the ability to do that because there is so much less staking. They are also saving us a tremendous amount of time, and our cost savings from not over-digging and replacing material are substantial.”

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