Pinney Dozer Service LLC completes projects faster than ever after adopting technology, IMC equipment​

Pinney Dozer Service's Komatsu D51EXi dozer moves dirt

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Pinney Dozer Service LLC completes projects faster than ever after adopting technology, IMC equipment

John Pinney describes his business, Pinney Dozer Service LLC, as a company that does “anything and everything dirt-related, from small commercial sites to large mining projects.”

“On the commercial side, we take a property from bare ground to the point where our customer can start the building process,” explained Pinney, who is the president and co-owner of Pinney Dozer Service. “That includes clearing, putting the site to grade, and installing utilities. Mining projects vary from overburden removal and initial mining to reclamation.”

In addition to offering customers high-quality finished products, Pinney emphasized that his firm is delivering them faster than ever thanks to the adoption of technology such as GPS grade control.

An image of John Pinney, President/Co-owner of Pinney Dozer Service LLC
John Pinney, President/Co-owner, Pinney Dozer Service LLC

“All of our guys are trained to use GPS, and it’s really been a time-saver in terms of surveying and moving dirt faster and more accurately,” Pinney said. “More recently, we adopted digital technology into practically everything we do, which gives us time and cost savings. Now, all of our plans are digital, so we don’t have to print off multiple sets of plans.”

A Komatsu D51EXi dozer moves dirt
Pinney Dozer Service uses Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) excavators and dozers from start to finish on nearly every project.

IMC helps cut costs

Pinney Dozer Service builds some of its plan models and relies on outside companies for others. In either instance, it takes the files and uploads them to its Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) equipment with integrated GPS grade control. Pinney Dozer Service currently uses PC210LCi excavators and D51EXi, D61EXi and D65EXi dozers to do everything from stripping to trench digging to finish grading.

“Once the plans are uploaded, we’re ready to hit the ground running,” said Pinney. “One of the biggest advantages is that there is no guessing. The machines know where they are in relation to finished grade without surveying or a grade checker. We’re moving dirt once and doing it accurately. The intelligent machines have cut our time to finish and our costs by 20% to 30%. We’re consistently seeing that across all our projects.”

A Komatsu PC210LCi excavator moves dirt

Pinney continued, “One area where we have seen big savings is in material placement, such as putting down aggregate base or bedding. It used to be within a tenth or two. The intelligent machines helped us tighten that up. Now, when we bid a project for a certain amount of rock, that’s what we use. We don’t have to figure in any overage.”

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