Incorporate the right Smart Construction solutions by assessing your operations and goals

Smart Construction solutions: A man and a women in hard hats and vests standing in front of Komatsu excavators looking at information on an ipad

Incorporate the right Smart Construction solutions by assessing your operations and goals

Construction technology continues to play an ever-increasing role on today’s job sites and in the office. Companies and their fleet managers can use technology from pre-bid to final closeout to help improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Jason Anetsberger, director, customer solution, Komatsu
Jason Anetsberger, director, customer solutions

“If you are not using technology, you are being left behind,” said Komatsu’s Jason Anetsberger, director, customer solutions. “When aftermarket GPS grading was introduced, it reduced the amount of time to get to grade. Intelligent machines now have it integrated, which is further reducing costs and increasing productivity because you don’t have hardware on the machine that can get damaged or stolen, and you don’t have to take time to put up and take down masts and cables.”

Anetsberger noted that in addition to intelligent Machine Control (iMC) dozers and excavators, Komatsu’s suite of Smart Construction solutions includes Smart Construction Dashboard, Design, Drone, Field and Remote. While iMC machines help with excavation and earthmoving, the others assist with tracking production and progress, managing time, and remotely supporting field operations, including updating plans from the office directly to iMC machines.

As an example, Anetsberger said if you are not already using iMC machines, that may be a great starting point. With automatic features, they are proven to reduce staking, get you to grade faster, decrease material costs and help new operators become more effective faster.

“With the number of Smart Construction solutions we have, now is a great time to get connected,” stated Anetsberger. “Adopting the right solution to give you maximum value involves assessing your operations and determining which ones are the right fit. Start with the low-hanging fruit that’s going to bring you the fastest payback or reward.”

In addition to intelligent Machine Control (iMC) excavators and dozers, Komatsu offers a suite of Smart Construction solutions to help you maximize job site and personnel tracking as well as use the data to make faster decisions on how to best utilize your assets. Smart Construction specialists can help you determine which are the best options for you.

What’s your pain point?

“If you have iMC machines, the next step is determining your biggest pain point,” commented Anetsberger. “Do you want faster, more accurate mapping and progress tracking? Do you want to move from 2D to 3D digital design files? Do you want to combine drone data with 3D design data to confirm quantities? Do you want better labor, machine and material cost tracking? Do you want to save time and fuel costs by remotely supporting operators without driving to the job? Do you want better fleet management? Maybe it’s all of the above.”

Anetsberger emphasized that Komatsu and its distributors have Smart Construction specialists that can help determine which solution is the best fit.

“We encourage anyone who wants improvement in their operations and bottom line to reach out for more information.”