Smart Construction Solutions Digitally Transform a Jobsite

Smart Construction Solutions Digitally Transform a Jobsite

Smart Construction Solutions Digitally Transform a Jobsite

From jobsite equipment to remote monitoring systems, bidding software and GPS grade control that makes earthmoving more efficient, today’s construction industry is more innovative than ever.

Smart Construction Solutions Digitally Transform a Jobsite
Jason Anetsberger, Komatsu Senior Product Manager

“Those who embrace advancements and put them to best use tend to be more efficient, productive and profitable,” said Jason Anetsberger, Komatsu Senior Product Manager. “Our Smart Construction suite of solutions can help customers digitally transform their operations to most effectively use equipment and technology in planning, management, scheduling, tracking and more. It’s designed to help optimize processes and improve overall jobsite productivity.”

From pre-bid through project completion, there is a solution that companies can utilize to improve their operations with digital technology, according to Komatsu Product Marketing Manager Renee Kafka.

Smart Construction Solutions Digitally Transform a Jobsite
Renee Kafka, Komatsu Product Marketing Manager

“Smart Construction looks beyond the machine,” stated Kafka. “We recognize that every contractor is unique. Some need help with bidding, others with implementing intelligent Machine Control (iMC) and a third might be seeking a way to identify bottlenecks on a project or how to calculate daily production using drone technology. We have a comprehensive list of options to meet their needs.”

More Smart Construction Solutions to be released over the next year:

  • Design – Go from rolled-up paper plans to 3D designs and more with 3D data generation.
  • Remote – Send new design data to machines in the field or remotely support operators without traveling to the jobsite.
  • Dashboard – Visualize and analyze design, drone and machine as-built data to measure cut/fills, quantities and productivity.
  • Fleet – Collect the data needed to optimize fleets and track production, all on a mobile app.
  • Drone – Provide a bird’s-eye view of the jobsite, in a fraction of the time compared to a ground-based survey.
  • Edge – Rapidly process drone data into a 3D terrain map without leaving the jobsite.

“There are several tools and devices for the construction phase, but customers need more. With Smart Construction, Komatsu looks beyond the jobsite at the whole construction process,” said Kafka. “For example, before putting a machine in the dirt, you have to bid and win the job. From conversations with customers, we understood this was an area where we could assist. Helping customers capture data during construction gives them actionable information for use in future bids.”

Smart Construction Solutions Digitally Transform a Jobsite

Kafka added that tracking production can be accomplished in several ways: you can take as-built data from Komatsu iMC dozers and excavators while they work and combine it with data from daily drone flyovers. She said this process, along with other Smart Construction solutions, can replace traditional calculation methods, such as using a counter or paper tickets to keep track of loads.

“You get a very accurate view of day-by-day progress and see production quantities and stockpile volumes,” said Kafka. “In working with customers, we found that a picture is really worth 1,000 words, and you can access it remotely without visiting the site. It is also an easy way to look back at the progress of the site versus a month ago.”

Anetsberger recommends that customers contact their local distributor to discuss the suite of Smart Construction tools and which ones, or all, that may be right for them.

“Smart Construction is a mix of hardware and digital solutions as well as human-delivered services,” explained Anetsberger. “The latter involves Komatsu’s experienced personnel out in the field collecting feedback and knowledge from jobsites. Our goal is to redeploy that information to our customers, who can use it to positively affect practices.”