Video Marketing Agency for the construction industry

CPI’s Video Marketing Agency professionally develops web videos that convey compelling, informative, and relevant information to your visitors in an easily digestible format.

At Construction Publications, we’ve seen the impact a single, well-shot video can have on our client’s bottom line.

Custom video content pricing starts at $497 and is completely transparent – no hidden costs or fees. To find out which one of our custom web videos is right for you, fill out the form for a free quote!

CPI Video Marketing Agency

From equipment in action to employee recruitment, we can help you produce a video that’s sure to capture the attention of your desired audience – and likely for a fraction of the price than you’d find at a larger production company!



Up to 30 Seconds

Up to 1 Round of Revisions

Whiteboard type video

50 words overlay text script



Up to 60 Seconds

Up to 2 Rounds of Revisions

Whiteboard type video

100 words overlay text script



Up to 120 Seconds

Up to 3 Rounds of Revisions

On-site video production

200 words overlay text script

*multi-video discount

CPI Video Marketing Agency Custom Videos

Do you want to offer your customers content that is compelling, informative and relevant? There's no better way to do so than through custom web videos.

It's no secret that customers are more likely to make a purchase when a product or service is accompanied by a video. Studies have shown that companies with videos are viewed as more trustworthy by consumers, and that 73 percent of visitors who watch a product video will buy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your company and products to your customers in this increasingly popular and consumable format.

In the age of robots, we know that sometimes it's easier to speak to someone directly. To reach one of our video specialists, give us a call today!

The Importance of Video Marketing from CPI Video Marketing Agency

Video Marketing Agency

CPI’s Video Marketing Agency provides remarkable advantages for your business. If you’re aiming to increase engagement and interactivity on your website, video marketing can help. Research studies reveal that customers are 10 times more likely to connect with videos than blocks of text.

Including videos on your website will encourage people to spend more time interacting with your content. As a person spends more time on your website, their opportunity to learn about your business increases and the likelihood that they will contact you skyrockets.

When people spend more time on your website, it signals to search engines that you supply important information to consumers and increases your search engine rankings. In addition to engaging visitors, adding custom-made videos to your website makes it 53 times more likely that you will rank on the first page of Google results.

Video can also impact your conversions. Placing videos on your landing pages can improve conversion rates by 80 percent.

If you want to nearly double your monthly conversions, add a video to your landing page. Statistically, if your landing page converted and average of 50 consumers per month, you could generate up to 40 additional conversions by adding a video.

The benefits from integrating custom web videos into your marketing strategy are limitless – from testimonials to time-lapse, there’s a video for everyone. If you’ve been considering adding custom videos to your website, our video experts at CPI Digital can help!

CPI Digital delivers videos that go above-and-beyond expectations for all budgets. With the option to choose between three distinct video plans or a custom video plan, our video experts will help you determine which plan is right for your business.

Get started today by giving us a call or requesting an online quote!

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