Komatsu donates to the AED Foundation’s Vision 2025 initiative

A technician works on a Komatsu machine showcasing the importance of technicians in the heavy equipment industry in alignment with AEDF’s Vision 2025 initiative

Investing in the Future

Komatsu donates to the AED Foundation’s Vision 2025 initiative

The current skills gap and workforce shortage facing the construction industry are daunting. To address these issues, the AED Foundation (AEDF) — an organization affiliated with the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) — created Vision 2025, an initiative aimed at helping increase the number of qualified technicians entering the equipment distribution industry. Komatsu and its distributor network have collectively pledged $1.45 million for the initiative.

“We recognize the imperative to build a talent pipeline for our distributors and the heavy equipment industry at large,” said Komatsu’s Rod Bull, Executive Vice President, North America Region. “Komatsu supports Vision 2025 and its focus on helping schools promote careers in the technical field to young people, who often aren’t aware of the great family-supporting jobs available in this industry. We’re excited to do our part to share this story of opportunity to join an industry that keeps our world growing and sustains our way of life.”

Research by AEDF has found that the industry needs to fill an anticipated 73,500 heavy equipment technician positions over the next five years, and that the technician shortage is compounded by a gap in required skills and available training. Vision 2025 aims to address these issues by growing AEDF’s impact to include a minimum of 120 accredited college programs (currently 71) and a minimum of 200 recognized high school programs (currently 36).

A technician works on a Komatsu machine.
AEDF’s Vision 2025 initiative is addressing the current skills gap and shortage of technicians in the heavy equipment industry. Donations from Komatsu and distributors will help support new college and high school programs designed to build a pipeline of new technicians.

Create a talent pipeline

If successful, Vision 2025 has the potential to create a talent pipeline that includes an additional 10,000 skilled technicians entering the workforce, 5,000 AEDF-certified technicians, and 500 AEDF-certified managers.

AEDF hopes to raise $10 million during the next five years, and funds will be directed toward:

  • New college accreditation programs targeting underserved areas where an existing heavy equipment technology program is already in place
  • High school recognition programs that will prioritize locations that can serve as a feeder system into current and anticipated accredited college programs
  • Expanding the AED Foundation’s endowment to ensure Vision 2025 efforts are sustainable over the long term

“The AED Foundation is grateful for Komatsu’s leadership and investment in our Vision 2025 campaign,” said AEDF President Brian McGuire. “Komatsu’s support, in conjunction with nearly 75 other investors, brings our Vision 2025 campaign to over $6 million. These investments provide the foundation with the sustainability needed to continue to be the heavy equipment industry’s leader in workforce development.”

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